....random thoughts...

John Kelley, in the WorkShop last Friday.
He's putting the finishing touches on a piece
inspired by magazine clipping he found over a decade ago.
Moved by the image, it made it's way into his inspiration file!
This work is part of John's personal collection and is not for sale.

Need some direction?
We are constantly sorting and re-stocking
with bins and boxes full of
things you feel you have to have-
even if you don't have a use for them yet!

Why is it you can never find a sharpened pencil when you need one?
I've always liked to write with pencils. I've always felt comfort that
I could erase the mistake. We all make them.
Wish forgiving them
could be as easy.

So long to "Whithin His Reach"
This assemblage sculpture by Chari Roberts Peak
now resides at a residence at the Plaza.

Cool 78's, Children's storybook records, even some 45's.

I think old quilt fabrics share the most interesting
colors and patterns. I am fascinated by the color trends
of each decade.

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