Okay, here's the 411 on the Art Challenge Chari, Michelle, Craig and I just completed. We had these "paint it yourself" oval canvas. Each of us took one and there were no rules or restrictions. The first photo is the back of Chari's piece. Thank heavens she had not covered it - I forgot to take the BEFORE picture.

First up is Craig's work. He used his handmade paper and bits of his vintage button collection. He used an old tailors measuring tape as a new edge. Chari used images from her French magazine collection. Some were sacrificed for her project. Next is Michelle's piece. A recessed childhood photo of her is contained - to remind: find and dwell within your sanctuary. The last is mine. I found the illistration in a collection of children's stories. It stuck me - You never know what you'll find on the other side of the door! Thank you Michelle and Chari - Craig and I really needed the extra week of grace and production time. We've got another in the works - details and photos to follow!

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Cinderelish said...

Beautiful work. Talented and creative artist. What a fun challenge.