Au Revoir to the Miss Frenchie Show

Dramatic effect? YOU BET! Elizabeth Maxson formerly Elizabeth House (St. Louis), Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa, Gwen McClure and Teri Elliot of French by Design (Mission Road Antiques), Donnie Volkart -just back from Roundtop, Texas (River Market Antiques), Barbara Farmer of Parrin and Co., (45th & State Line Road), Carol Spinski of Raised in Cotton), brought truck loads of beautiful treasures from around the world. Karla Nathan (Karla's Cottage) & Beth Leintz brought a great collection of their handmade, hand-painted works of art. So many things to choose from - so little time to shop! Wonderful offerings from one of our instructors, Robin Mackintosh. Her new necklaces were amazing. I wear one of her pmc and charm necklaces almost weekly. It's a magnet for an "OH" or "Ahhhh" response. Followed by, "Where did you get that?" Sorry ladies -it's a one of a kind creation - and a treasure - just like Robin!

Marilyn Gash (Lauri's mother and show partner) in the background. I have several of Marilyn's little pin cushions. Warehoused in their little tart tins - they are pretty enough to eat!

Lauri Meyers - shopping the gauntlet of wares - she took home a beautiful birdcage from Carol at Raised in Cotton! Lauri has an eagle eye when it come to groovy stuff! Her artwork is as lovely as she is! Stay tuned - she's having a show of her own in June. I'll share the details later.

Artwork by Gregory Johnson. We own 1/2 dozen of his creations. So many of you have asked to purchase the one's we keep at the shop. His work truly inspires me - moves me. I carried the first piece I purchased in my car for over a week - just to show it to everyone I came in contact with -- it's still one of my most prized possessions! Did I mention he's one of my favorite people? Adorable -- absolutely - adorable!

Julie Reed's designs - delicate and intricate pins made from beautiful fibers - every detail was perfect. Julie was kind enough to make our vendor signage -- it was lovely and a ton of work to do. I for one truly appreciated her dedication to this important task. Thank you Julie!

New creations from vintage baubles were sparkling and affordable - from Dianne Ripper!
I'm so happy to have met her.

Lesa Dailey's beautiful sculptures! I wanted every single one of them. Came away with a tiny little pink birdie. I gave it to my daughter -who's as sweet as can be.

Our little section in the loft - crammed full of all that you would expect to find at the shop.

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It was so nice to meet you at Miss Frencie's!

I hope you don't mind, I've added your blog to my blog links.

Debby said...

WOW!!! Just found your blog, it is wonderful.