Ever have one of those days when things just don't feel right. Something or someone has thrown a wrench into your spokes. I was having one of those moments - a flash of -Why does this have to happen? Why now? Just as I'm about to enter the Pity Parkway - I take a detour to my mailbox. Here's where the story gets interesting. A couple of weeks ago - I met Claudia. There was an aura about her. Something almost palpable - a spirit filled with optimism, hope and her soft spoken words hung like tangible verses to keep and ponder later.

(childhood photo above) Claudia is an actress living part-time right here in Overland Park, Kansas. She resides with her husband, a survivor of the Holocaust, part of the year at their home in Poland. Providing education through community service and speaking engagements, they share a history that is overwhelming to so many and as each year passes with so few who remain.

You can't imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox and found a gift from her. An offering so generously filled with warmth and kindness it made my heart swell. A lump formed in my throat the moment I started to read the notes that explained the many articles that have personal meaning to her. I call this type of sharing -a miracle. Small -- maybe- no parting of a sea - no burning bush - but her thoughts and sentiments moved me to tears - blubbering actually -- and there are some little treasures she shared that I don't believe I shall ever part with.

I knew the moment she left the shop - our paths may not cross again -but we were kindred spirits in understanding the history that is attached to bits and pieces of tangibles that so many take for granted. I knew that I would never forget her. So, I'm going to share with photos the personal and collected items she bestowed on me. Her note said to use them in our shop - sell them - or give them away. So next time you are in - you may be the recipient of some little whimsy, photo, or handmade card that I will share with YOU.

Here's just one of the bits of wisdom Claudia shared with me. The Chassidim say: "Act each moment as if the whole universe were in perfect balance between good and evil: and it is your next action that is the final straw that will sway the whole of creation to one side or the other." That's why actors have stagefright. They feel this balance and their role in it. When, after years of acting, stagefright subsides, it is because we have forgotten the enormous responsibility of our next action. Tremble: your whole lfe is a rehearsal for the moment you are in now.

It's meeting people like Claudia - who remind you that each word shared may impact someone in ways you never dreamed. Thank you Claudia. You are living your life with a purpose. I'm reminded -- this is no dress rehearsal!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I love that quote!

Sheila R said...

Kindred spirits touch our hearts down to our souls. Thank you for sharing your story and I was so blessed to be able to view your lovely goodies in person.

Thank you for sharing a little "miracle" with me and gifting me with your cupie dolls! They will be treasured!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this moment!!! Claudia is my mom, and she is just as wonderful as she seems. She is my teacher, my mentor and my loving guide. I get to be her internet concierge... helping her navigate the waves of the web...leading her to your blog!
She told me all about the store, finding it, meeting you and getting the chance to make this great connection.
I can't wait to come visit... we are moving from Atlanta to Chicago this summer, and will of course visit our family in Kansas City!
Thank you again,

Stacey said...

What a defining moment in your life. I love those.

Looks like she gave you some awesome treasures, I can't wait to see what you make with them. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story!

Darlene - Online PhD UK Funding said...

That is so miraculous. You are so lucky to have been touched by such a spirit. Can you imagine the history that she must have lived through and the struggles that her family had to endure? It is beautiful and you should count yourself among the lucky.

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