Vintiques WorkShop


Sunday, February 22 2:00 p.m. Instructor: Sue Bolton
3-4 hrs. $55.00

Find inspiration in your favorite objects and photos to create your own personal shrine.
Equipment, tools, Altoid tin box, adhesives, and a store full of great stuff will be provided. Color copies may be made on site - $1.00 per copy

To make your shrine your own, bring all your treasures that you have been collecting for years. Keep in mind that your objects and photos should fit in an Altoid tin or a container that you want to bring.
The shrine is designed to honor someone or thing special to you. It can be carried around with you or put on the wall or table to watch over and protect you.
To register, please email: or call Vintiques at 816 283-0989

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AliGripp said...

I love this fun!!