So we've been saying Goodbye to the buttons that have been stacked and piled, sorted, cleaned and then tagged and bagged. Some of these were in my first collection - I started about 20 years ago. I watched my grandmother cut every button from shirts before turning the shreads later into other useful things. (Recycling before we knew we should. Recycling instead of wasting.) The buttons are hung - about 3/4 of the collection. We are frantically working to build another display so that the rest can join the bunch. If you are interested, Craig has sorted and cleaned every one of them - several thousand of them! It's taken months to get them organized... well, somewhat organized. We have pounds of ivory/white shell, glass and vintage plastic buttons, pounds of black -- and little cubbies of loose multi-color to select from --if you just need one or two. The newest addition to our shelves is Sunrise Soap! Handmade by Judy, the owner and maker of fabulous smelling and moisturizing, beautiful bath bars. We have stocked several of our favorite 5B & Co., votive candles. They will burn for 16-18 hours -and will fragrance an entire room. (or more) My absolute favorite is Flower Shop. It smells just like walking into the fridge at the florist. But we have lots more fragrances for you to sniff.

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jacquie said...

are those fabrics i'm seeing in the picture still available? i don't think i've ever seen fabric at vintiques before. let me know!