FINALLY - This Friday evening.....

We are still patching, papering, packaging, painting and have yet to push a broom to clean up the construction mess. (Pardon the alliteration.) BUT, we'll be shiny and new on Friday evening. We are excited to reveal the piles of antique paper , music, ephemera, buckets, bags and tiny packages of buttons, Craig sorted, cleaned, bagged and tagged - they number in the 1,000's. There are bins of vintage linen napkins, tablecloths and dresser scarfs, about 200 dainty, girly hankies - I grab them up because I'm so fond of them -some excellent handmade soap, 5B & Co., Candlemakers votive candles, functional and whimsical objects of beauty and desire from local artists, costume jewelry, handmade paper and bags, shelves and packages of all sorts of little whimsies for my creative kindred spirits. We've got a table that will seat 16 - and it's in the new WorkShop - classes
begin on Saturday, Feb. 7th. So do our regular business hours. Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Closed on Monday
Open the new barn doors to Home exChange. It's stocked 6 feet high in goods and furnishings for the home. There's wonderful old stuff that's still in great shape, so old-- it's styish, so weird-- it's cool, so unique -- it's special.... there are doors, windows, a pair of collums, and chairs...chairs....chairs!
Hope you had a great rib, pizza, cold beer and lots of hoots and hollers this weekend! Hope to see you all on Friday evening. 6-9

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