Who's Playing the Piano?

For those of you who've become frequent shoppers - or for those who come by occasionally, one of the questions we answer most.... who's that playing the piano? To answer your question -- it's Greg Maroney. He's a composer and solo pianist. We are proud to offer his CD's - so that you can take that beautiful sound home with you. They are $15.00 each. Here's a little more about Greg -- and his website too.

"I have been asked many times what inspires me, where does the music come from, what drives me to create. Simple. Nature. Wind, water, birds flying, plants growing, dogs barking, chickens squawking. The love of my wife. Listening to Vladimir Horowitz playing all the great classical composers. Or Robert Earl Keen singing Armadillo Jackal. Discovering Pink Floyd 20 years later. A great cup of coffee. Creating something with my own hands. Growing enough in the vegetable garden to share with friends and still enough to then savor all winter. The sound of a freshly tuned tiller or chainsaw. The sound and feel of a freshly tuned piano. Building my barn with only hand tools. In short, all the usual things that surround us day to day. I hope you find music in your world and your world in my music. "

Greg Maroney lives with his wife on a small farm in rural south central Pennsylvania. Together they live a quiet life raising their own food, fixing up their old farmhouse, and composing music. More information can be seen at http://www.gregmaroney.com/

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